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Hello, was wondering if any previous fellows who worked with refugee populations might be willing to share some advice about overcoming language barriers? Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

Kemly Philip-PandyaReplied to your earlier comment!

6 hours ago

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FFLs: if you will be in Houston August 31st please let me know - I may have an opportunity for you! ... See MoreSee Less

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BJ GillardI should be in town! We won't have our rotation schedule for that time until July though

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Alex BarreraMe too!

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Shehni HaqWill be in town; don't know my shift schedule yet though

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Connie FooIn town as well

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Does anyone have advice on conducting a needs assessment with your population? If you've done one - what did you do that went well and maybe not so well? If you haven't, what are you planning on doing? What is the best way to tap into the most important needs?

Thanks guys!!
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Gabrielle Morrissey HansenGlad you've asked this! Hopefully you get some advice and that will help others too!

3 days ago

Liz MercerKelsey Stewart. If you message me your email I can send you what we did and how we went about it

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Diana LeniP.S. Kelsey Stewart sooo glad you asked this question--in my opinion THE most important part of conducting any project in the community!

2 days ago

Kemly Philip-PandyaHi Kelsey, Liz Frost and I were Fellows in the 14'-15' fellowship year. We did focus groups with the Burmese refugee women we were to work with, met with the host site staff, and pulled from our personal experiences to gather an assessment of needs/challenges that they faced before designing and implementing workshops, discussions, and excursions. We continuously sought feedback from the women and their families as well through home visits as the project went along and identified other needs, and molded our activities/schedule where appropriate as well. Feel free to message myself or Elizabeth for more info - Gluck!

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Sohini BandyHey there, Beth Cook and I would love to hear some of your advice Liz Mercer, Diana Leni and Kemly Philip-Pandya about conducting focus groups, as well! Any tips and pointers for getting a good, focused conversation started would be very helpful :)

33 minutes ago

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Albert Schweitzer Fellowship Houston Galveston

Launched in 2008 as a collaboration of area academic institutions and community-based agencies, The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship – Houston Galveston selects and supports local medical and graduate students to carry on Dr. Schweitzer’s legacy by addressing the unmet health needs of vulnerable and marginal populations.  ASFHG is a community-based, mentored, direct service, multidisciplinary, leadership development program that works to improve the health and well-being of underserved communities across Greater Houston and Galveston.   ASFHG has four overall goals:

  • Develop Leaders in Service who are educated, experienced, and committed to addressing unmet health needs;
  • Improve community health by providing direct service to individuals and strengthening the capacity of community-based organizations;
  • Expand educational opportunities in partnering schools while raising awareness of the needs of underserved communities; and
  • Maintain a growing and vibrant community of Schweitzer Fellowship alumni (Fellows for Life) committed to lives of service.

To read more about what being a Houston-Galveston Schweitzer Fellow entails and to find out how to apply, please visit our Prospective Fellows and Application pages.

2015-2016 Fellows

Our Impact

Since 2008, over 60 Schweitzer Fellows have provided over 10,000 hours of service to Houston and Galveston’s most vulnerable communities. Partnering with area community-based organizations, these Fellows have addressed a wide variety of unmet health needs by creating and carrying out yearlong projects with direct service at their core. Examples include the following initiatives:

  • Educate and promote oral health in the low-income elderly population at the Houston Housing Authority apartments
  • Provide homeless, young families and potential mothers and fathers with resources and information to ensure overall well-being of the parents and child starting from pregnancy through childhood
  • Implementing an Art and Wellness Program designed to target Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) and obesity prevention in elementary and middle school students

Please see Fellows and Projects for a complete listing of Fellows’ service projects, which are made possible by our generous sponsors. When Fellows’ initial year of service ends, they carry their commitment to meeting the health needs of underserved people forward as members of the Schweitzer Fellows for Life alumni network, now more than 2,000 strong.

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