Alejandro Barrera and Brittany Gillard

University of Texas – School of Dentistry

Alex and Brittany will address the issue of dry mouth in patients suffering from HIV/AIDS by providing oral hygiene consultations and facilitating support groups aimed at empowering these patients to take charge of their oral health.

Community Site: Bering Omega | Final project poster: Download

Nick Ayoade

University of Texas – School of Dentistry

Nick will be instructing children on oral hygiene and nutrition. In conjunction, I hope to stem an interest in math, science, and engineering through the utilization of science fair projects.

Community Site: Fort Bend Boys and Girls Club | Final project poster: Download

Jonathan Chatham

University of Houston – Law Center

Jonathan will be working with In-Powered to lead regular yoga and mindfulness training for Houston’s homeless population.

Community Site: YogaOne | Final project poster: Download

Kemly Philip and Elizabeth Frost

UT Health Medical School/Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and University of Houston – Graduate College of Social Work/University of Texas School of Public Health

Elizabeth and Kemly plan to work with a local refugee resettlement agency and utilize a medical, public health, and social work approach to empower refugee women and adolescent girls in fostering their development as an individual and integration into the community at large.

Community Site: Alliance for Multicultural Community Services | Final project poster: Download

Connie Foo

Rice University – Baker Institute

Connie will teach diabetic patients about nutrition, physical fitness, and well-being at San José Clinic in Houston, Texas.

Community Site: San Jose Clinic | Final project poster: Download

Jaden Schupp

Baylor College of Medicine

Jaden will be working in conjunction with Texas Children’s Hospital on a project to improve care coordination for adolescent diabetic mothers during their pregnancy and provide preconception counseling to non-pregnant diabetic adolescents, with the intent to reduce adverse health outcomes for the mother and her child and to reduce the overall incidence of unplanned pregnancy in adolescents with type 1 diabetes.

Community Site: Texas Children’s Hospital | Final project poster: Download

Kristin Tang and Winnie Zou

University of Texas Medical School and Baylor College of Medicine

Through a community-based participatory approach, Kristin and Winnie will work to introduce preventative medicine and social work aspect of healthcare to HOMES Clinic, a student run free clinic for the homeless that operates on Sundays.

Community Site: HOMES Clinic | Final project poster: Download

Camille Keenan

University of Texas Medical School

Camille will be working with the Coalition for the Homeless to convert their list of resources for homeless individuals into a digital format that can be accessed via smartphone or computer both by community members and professionals who interact with the homeless on a daily basis. This way the information will be easy to access and up to date, with the end goal of more effectively connecting homeless individuals with the resources they need to get back on their feet.

Community Site: Coalition for the Homeless Houston | Final project poster: Download

Raghuveer Puttagunta and Elizabeth Thoyakulathu

Baylor College of Medicine

Elizabeth and Raghuveer will work to develop a community for young people with HIV to improve health literacy, long-term wellness, and personal empowerment through a comprehensive educational program.

Community Site: Thomas St. Clinic and Teen Health Clinic | Final project poster: Download