Meet Christine Ogugbuaja

Jan 2016

Peter and I will have our next HSCOUT social support group meeting on January 31st.

Nov 2015

Peter and I had a successful HSCOUT social support group meeting on November 21st.

Oct 2015

HSCOUT will have the next social support group on November 21st from 2-5 PM at Valencia Condominiums club center. We will be teaming up with Sickle Cell Association of Houston.

Sept 2015

Peter and I had our second HSCOUT social support group on September 13th at Sky Zone Trampoline Park. Sickle Cell Awareness month was during the monthly of September and we attended many wonderful events. We were able to tell more people about our exciting new project. Our next meeting will be on October 24 at Valencia Condominiums from 2-8PM!

August 2015

Peter and I had our first HSCOUT social support group on August 8th.  It was a success! Sickle Cell Awareness month is during September. We look forward to attending the multiple events that next month has to offer, in particular sickle cell education day hosted by Texas Children’s Hospital on September 19th. Our next meeting will be on September 13 at Sky Zone Trampoline Park from 5:00 to 8:00 pm for youth with sickle cell disease aged 14-21.

July 2015

Peter and I, will be having our first support group for sickle cell disease youth population in the greater area of Houston on August 8th. The goals of this project are to establish a peer social support network and improve transition medical outcomes into adulthood. They also strive to foster advocacy and leadership amongst the sickle cell disease youth.

June 2015

Right now Peter and I are working on recruitment. We hope to get a good number of interested people in our support groups and activities!

May 2015

My project partner, Peter and I decided to also develop monthly workshops in addition to the monthly support groups. These monthly workshops will also begin mid July, focusing on developing skills in college applications and resume development. We will also have guest speakers that will discuss coping with sickle cell disease, job opportunities and mock interviews. We strive to work with our other Fellows for this project. Peter and I will also conduct volunteer opportunities for the group.