Tobi Odunsi, UTMB School of Medicine

My Project is called the M.E project. It  is a mind enrichment program focused on engaging youth 14-20 in wellness practices through creative expressions and education to foster healthier lifestyle practices.

My name is Oluwatobiloba Odunsi but I go by Tobi. I’m currently a 3rd year medical student at UTMB in Galveston. The project I’m working on involves educating young adults on mental health. My goal is to create an increase in mental health awareness in the young adult population through creative expressions like poetry, drawings and painting. I’m looking forward to meeting likeminded individuals, working with other Schweitzer fellows, developing lasting relationships with fellows and the community as well as working with many young adults in the Houston area. In my free time, I love to dance (I’ll dance to any song with a good beat), I love to travel(I’m always thinking of my next getaway) , I love to explore( I’m always looking for something new to do in the city of Houston and anywhere else). Congratulations to everyone and I’m looking forward to working with you all.