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Claire Crawford’s Blog

Read More about Claire's Fellowship Project Dec 2015 I have really enjoyed getting to know some of the families at Texas Children’s Hospital this month! It’s been enlightening to hear firsthand how parents and caregivers are coping with the everyday stressors of having a child who is “different” in some way. Though I [...]

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Elizabeth Mercer’s Blog

Read More about Elizabeth's Fellowship Project Nov/Dec 2015 The Beacon Day Center is finally open again!! WOOHOO!! This means Diana and I can start holding our meetings and providing safety information to the women. Another exciting thing is that Diana and I were on Great Day Houston! Check it out: It was [...]

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Margaret Raber’s Blog

Meet Margaret Raber [ Dec 2015 December was a relaxed month, the perfect time to wrap up my teaching projects. I am looking forward to spending the rest of my fellowship time analyzing my field notes and preparing my manuscript. The final work will explore how different groups react to [...]

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Diana Whitney’s Blog

Meet Diana Whitney Dec 2015 Hey friends! It seems like it has been a while, probably because it has! For me, November and December have been a whirlwind of residency interview travel, Christmas and Hannukah celebrations, as well as some Schweitzer milestones! The big event for us this December was [...]

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Brittany Tran’s Blog

Meet Brittany Tran Dec 2015 This month, I was able to conduct a focus group with the Burmese refugee men. It was extremely insightful! The men were gracious in sharing with me their past experiences with dental care in refugee camps, their experiences since coming to the U.S. (if they [...]

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Antonius Pegues’ Blog

Meet Antonius Pegues Dec 2015 My mentorship project for the month of December was the most productive one. I was able to host a mentor session. The students that attended the activity were very interested in learning the 3 E’s (Education, Etiquette and Exercise). I also took 10 student to [...]

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