Alexandra Iacob and An La

University of Texas Medical School

HOU_Alexandra_Iacob An-258x300

Iacob and La taught low-income sixth through twelfth grade students at the YES Prep! Southeast campus the importance of preventive medicine and the value of self-monitoring. Click here to see a poster of this project.

Community Site: YES Prep Public School

Antonia Caliboso

University of Houston, Graduate School of Social Work


Caliboso taught adolescent girls the sport of roller derby as a healthy outlet to emotions, to empower them to become leaders, and to provide positive role models and social environments. Click here to see a poster of this project.

Community Site: Girls Inc & Houston Roller Derby

Sarah Michael and Armstrong Ibe

Baylor College of Medicine

HOU_Sarah_Michael HOU_Armstrong_Ibe

Ibe and Michael provided homeless, young families and potential mothers and fathers with resources and information to ensure overall well-being of the parents and child starting from pregnancy through childhood. Click here to see a poster of this project.

Community Site: Haven Center/St. Stephens Episcopal Church

Mary Hesse and Francisco Nieves

University of Texas Dental Branch at Houston

HOU_Mary_Hesse HOU_Francisco_Nieves

Hesse and Nieves addressed the lack of oral hygiene education and care for the low-income elderly population in the Houston Housing Authority’s Housing Complex located at 6000 Telephone Road. Click here to see a poster of this project.

Community Site: Houston Housing Authority-6000 Telephone Rd.

Herisa Stanislaus

University of Texas School of Public Health


Stanislaus  provided an Art and Wellness Program targeting Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity prevention in elementary and middle school students in Sunnyside area in Houston.

Community Site: CAN DO Houston

Jag Maturi

University of Houston College of Pharmacy


Maturi provided education on the importance of diet and lifestyle management to the South Asian immigrants and family members at the BAPS Swaminarayan campus in Stafford Texas. Click here to see a poster of this project.

Community Site: BAPS Swaminarayan Campus

Matthew Mullane

University of Texas School of Public Health


Mullane worked with Urban Harvest to build community gardens in socioeconomically disadvantaged “food desert” areas in the Sunnyside neighborhood in Houston. Click here to see a poster of this project.

Community Site: Urban Harvest

Roxanne Radi

University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston School of Medicine


Radi offered nutrition education and healthy cooking for low-income, under-insured population who visit St. Vincent’s Clinic in Galveston. Click here to see a poster of this project.

Community Site: St. Vincent’s House, Galveston, TX

Stephanie Ng

Baylor College of Medicine


Ng developed a program to train primary care providers to recognize and appropriately address depression in the East Asian population.

Community Site: HOPE Clinic/AAFS (Asian American Family Svcs)


David J. Savage

University of Texas Medical School at Houston

Savage developed an orientation program that will empower refugees to navigate Houston’s healthcare system, utilize entitled health benefits, and establish consistent medical homes.

Community Site: The Alliance for Multicultural Community Services

ThuyQuynh Do and Karon Wynne

UTMB Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Do and Wynne addressed childhood obesity in Galveston by developing and implementing an educational curriculum for elementary students aimed at encouraging them to make healthier choices and incorporating family participation in adopting lifestyle changes.

Community Site: Mainland Preparatory Academy

Andrew Franco and Akhil Shenoy

Baylor College of Medicine

Franco and Shenoy developed a meal program and job training curriculum that empowers homeless young adults in Houston to lead healthier and more self-sustained lives.

Community Site: The Haven Center at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church

Julia Gandara and Thuan Le

South Texas College of Law and University of Texas School of Public Health

Gandara and Le addressed the psychological effects of domestic abuse on elementary and middle school children by conducting informational sessions in local schools and by providing connections and referrals for children in need.

Community Site: Houston Independent School District

Shehni Nadeem

Baylor College of Medicine

Nadeem developed a program (SPEED Team – Skin Protection Education and Empowerment Discharge Team) for newborns and their mothers promoting sun safety and skin cancer prevention.

Community Site: Ben Taub General Hospital

Edward Pettitt, II

University of Texas School of Public Health

Pettitt addressed the transition of care of adolescent and young adult HIV patients by establishing a comprehensive program to assist these patients as they move from pediatric/adolescent care to adult-based care.

Community Site: Thomas Street Health Clinic

Vishwaratn Asthana and Miel Sundararajan

Baylor College of Medicine

Asthana and Sundararajan addressed the lack of primary care options for uninsured people by developing a preventive health counseling program for individuals seeking primary care in the emergency center.

Community Site: Ben Taub General Hospital Ginni and Richard Mithoff Trauma Center

Krislynn Thompson

Texas Southern University Barbara Jordan-Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs

Thompson encouraged residents of Acres Homes and 5th Ward to get moving and experience the vibrancy of their neighborhoods and Greater Houston through cycling. Thompson’s initiative will build community awareness, cultivate a subculture of cyclists, and enhance partipants’ overall health and quality of life.

Community Site: City of Houston Parks and Recreation, Geared Up Bikestation


David Darrow

University of Texas Medical Branch

Darrow created and implemented an interactive curriculum and training program in Galveston neighborhoods that focuses on community gardens, nutrition, and diverse health topics.

Community Site: St. Vincent’s Clinic

Adaugo Glenda Duru

University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work

Duru designed and implemented a program aimed at empowering teenage girls to make healthy decisions through one-on-one mentoring and structured group activities.

Community Site: Alief YMCA

John Lin and Dennis Shung

Baylor College of Medicine

Lin and Shung created a college student-run volunteer program that equips and empowers discharged patients from the Emergency Center to pursue healthier lives by improving their social determinants of health.

Community Site: Ben Taub General Hospital Emergency Center

Shirali Patel and Minal Shah

Baylor College of Medicine

Patel and Shah implemented a mental health education initiative that aims to improve help-seeking behavior and reduce the stigma associated with adolescent depression in Houston’s South Asian community.

Community Site: TBD

Achala Talati and Sarah Tran

University of North Texas Health Science Center

Talati and Tran developed the SEND (Screen, Educate, Navigate, Direct) initiative, a health education and screening program aimed at empowering refugees from Burma.

Community Site: ECHOS

Andrea Penedo and Ron Sung

University of Houston School of Law

Penedo and Sung united local law students and practicing attorneys to teach underserved high school students about health law issues and provide them with the tools to better understand their legal health rights.

Community Site: Houston Independent School District, Houston Volunteer Lawyers Program

Elizabeth Rossmann Beel

Baylor College of Medicine

Beel worked to increase vaccination for pertussis among family members and caregivers of newborns through direct educational interventions.

Community Site: Ben Taub General Hospital

Faisal Siddiqi

University of Texas School of Public Health

Siddiqi designed and implemented a comprehensive fitness program promoting cardiovascular health for low-income men and women. The program will include monitored running and workshops related to healthy eating and exercise.

Community Site: Magnificat House

Matthew White

University of Texas School of Biomedical Sciences

White addressed issues of childhood nutrition and obesity by working with underserved children to plan, plant, maintain, and harvest a vegetable garden. His programming will integrate education regarding the health benefits of eating fresh produce and taking part in regular physical activity.

Community Site: Boys and Girls Harbor


Alina Batool

University of Texas – School of Public Health
View a poster telling the story of Batool’s Schweitzer project here.

Batool increased access to preventive healthcare by designing and implementing an outreach initiative to increase enrollment in the Healthy Kids program at Ibn Sina Community Clinic. Batool’s program will focus on empowering low-income families to overcome the financial and social barriers that often prevent regular dental and medical physicals, and educating parents regarding the benefits of primary care.

Community Site: Ibn Sina Community Clinic

Amanda Dave and Angela Lloyd

University of Texas – School of Public Health
View a poster telling the story of Dave and Lloyd’s Schweitzer project here.

Dave and Lloyd eased the resettlement process for adolescent Burmese refugees by working with Tzu Chi to develop a volunteer-led service learning program that provides refugees with assistance in learning English and adapting to American life.

Community Site: Tzu Chi

Beth Christopherson and Matt Estey

University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work
View a poster telling the story of Christopherson and Estey’s Schweitzer project here.

Christopherson and Estey worked to empower Houston’s homeless individuals by collaborating with St. John’s Bread of Life in downtown Houston to implement a program that offers employment counseling and self-care education. Christopherson and Estey’s program will aim to enhance job skills and improve employment opportunities, as well as improve hygiene and decrease risks of STI transmission.

Community Site: St. John’s Bread of Life

Agnès Hernàndez and Christina Salazar

Baylor College of Medicine
View a poster telling the story of Hernàndez and Salazar’s Schweitzer project here.

Hernandez and Salazar addressed diabetes management by designing a dynamic program, Nuestra Salud, that utilizes didactic group meetings, exercise sessions, and community-wide events to provide a comprehensive, culturally inclusive curriculum that is highly individualized and empowers participants to adopt positive lifestyle changes.

Community Site: Gulfgate Community Health Center

Revathi Jyothindran and Joshua Liao

Baylor College of Medicine
View a poster telling the story of Jyothindran and Liao’s Schweitzer project here.

Jyothindran and Liao improved the health status of newly diagnosed HIV+ patients through a program that both links them to follow-up care within the county hospital system, and amplifies their voices through stories that will be published for hospital system distribution. Additionally, Jyothindran and Liao will work to identify potential barriers to care in order to implement changes aimed at improving follow-up rates at Harris County clinics. Ultimately, Jyothindran and Liao’s project supports a larger goal of helping current and future HIV+ patients live longer, healthier lives through awareness and reliable long term care.

Community Sites: Ben Taub General Hospital, Emergency Center; Thomas Street Health Center

Stewart Master

University of Texas – Medical School at Houston
View a poster telling the story of Schulte’s Schweitzer project here.

Master improved the health of homeless individuals by working with Houston-area community centers to help homeless patients use free resources to create personal health care records. Master’s project is intended to both educate underserved patients about their health, and enhance communication between patients and health care providers.

Community Site(s): HOMES Clinic

Carlye Schulte

University of Texas – Medical School at Houston
View a poster telling the story of Schulte’s Schweitzer project here.

Schulte addressed early childhood obesity and parental health literacy in a low income, underserved community by working to develop an educational healthy living program for parents of overweight toddlers. The program will focus on educating parents of overweight children aged one to two about healthy meals, exercises, and healthy household changes.

Community Site: Northwest Assistance Ministries


Bhavika Kaul

Rice University

Bhavika will graduate from Rice University with a degree in biochemistry and cell biology in May 2009 and will start as a medical student at Baylor College of Medicine in the fall. She is developing an curriculum of interactive projects and activities to help young students learn about how they can improve their health through attention to food, exercise, immunization and basic sanitation. She began developing this curriculum in her bioengineering class at Rice and will expand and further develop it throughout her Fellowship year. She hopes to work with Ronald McDonald House Charities’ Caremobile and enlist the help of fellow medical students to visit underserved schools in the Houston area.

Erin Bendure and Ryan Van Ramshorst

Baylor College of Medicine

This project focused on early childhood literacy: improving and promoting literacy in the clinics and emergency center of Ben Taub General Hospital (BTGH).  They will work to expand and reinvigorate two formerly separate programs, Reach Out and Read and the BOOKS Program at BTGH.  Reach Out and Read is a nationally recognized program addressing literacy needs through pediatricians, while the BOOKS Program was established locally to address similar needs in the emergency center, inpatient ward and pediatric clinics of BTGH.

Gladys Browman

University of Texas School of Public Health

Gladys’ community project worked with the local refugee population to create a nutrition program that incoming refugees can benefit from. The program would be inclusive of a variety of basic nutrition education classes that focus on healthy eating habits and food safety as well as providing cooking classes and grocery store tours.

Ashley Grant

University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

Ashley worked with Rosenberg Elementary, which being the only open elementary school in Galveston following Hurricane Ike, is overcrowded. Many of these children are living in temporary housing and largely come from disadvantaged backgrounds. This program focuses on encouraging children to learn about math and science. A basis in math and science early makes it much easier to fulfill a child’s dream of one day becoming a doctor or scientist.  With a disaster like Ike and so much time taken off school it is easy for any child to fall behind.  This program will provide free tutoring to children who request it. She has hopes that this project inspires children to dream about becoming a doctor or a scientist.

Amber Higgs

University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

Amber will conduct a class at the St. Vincent’s clinic to teach about nutrition and its direct effects on preventing/eliminating common diseases. It will teach people how to shop for low fare, healthy foods, and prepare recipes that would be inexpensive and healthy for their households, as well as education on how to maintain exercise, how to use lightweight exercise equipment (hand weights), and how to incorporate healthy changes into everyday life. She strives to make it a fun, interactive, lively class, with music, door prizes, demonstrations, and other interactive games to keep people interested.

John Hoover

Baylor College of Medicine

The goal of John’s project is to reach out to Houston’s homeless and use their artwork to raise awareness to the public of the homeless experience. He will identify artists in the community, record “their stories” and showcase their work in agencies serving this population. In addition, he will work with area agencies, such as Healthcare for the Homeless—Houston, to create a place for homeless artists to come together.

Don Stader and Mary Weeks

Baylor College of Medicine

Don and Mary’s project will be a patient education program through the Ben Taub Emergency Center (Ben Taub General Hospital). After patient’s are seen and worked up by doctors and before they are discharged, they will educate patients in a one-on-one setting about their diagnosis and treatment plan in the hopes of increasing patient understanding and compliance. Moreover, in the time they have with patients, they will identify and when possible address barriers to compliance before the patient leaves the emergency center. They will also enlist first year medical students to volunteer with the program.

Aliya Laws and Irogue Igbinosa

Baylor College of Medicine

Thousands of people in the heart of Houston come together on Sunday mornings for worship and praise. Part of this involves people of all ages, shapes, and sizes clap their hands and stomping their feet to music that moves their souls. They look to help people tap into energy that is usually reserved for Sundays and funnel it into the form of coordinated, aerobic exercise – Gospel Aerobics. By partnering with local churches and community organizations, they will hold weekly exercise sessions set to the same familiar gospel music that gets people so energized and inspired on weekends.

Abhilash Krishna

Rice University

Abhilash is a graduate student in electric and computer engineering at Rice University. The primary aim of his proposed community service project is to design and conduct a cardiac educational program for schools, community facilities, and health organizations. Given the level of computational power at our disposal today, it has become possible to create accurate mathematical models of biological systems with user-friendly computer interfaces. He intends to work with schools through a collaboration with organizations such as SEEK (Student Engineers Educating Kids) and heart associations such as AHA (American Heart Association) to conduct presentations, demonstrations, and discussions that educate on cardiac electrophysiology, food and activity-related cardiac health risks, disease detection and prevention.

Bianca Wyont

South Texas College of Law

Bianca will be working with Sana Maria Hostel, a program that houses chemically dependent women and helps them become drug and alcohol free while allowing them to remain with their children throughout treatment. She worked with the staff to develop a service project that will provide these women with information regarding various programs that might be helpful to them once they leave the facility, such as information about WIC, how to apply for food stamps/the Lone Star Card, TANF, navigating the court systems, job interview skills, dressing for success, etc. Women will start a binder that they add materials to after each class.